Sup Playa!?

My name is Percy Pimpington aka Percy The Passive Profit Pimp.

Artist impression of the Profit Pimp
Artist Impression of The Passive Profit Pimp.

I set up this blog with the sole intention of educating as many people as possible about the sheer power of the internet and its ability to easily (and lazily) create a powerful passive income without having to work like a slave.

I’m all about multiple streams of income and setting up those streams once but getting paid from them for life.

On the blog, I will be posting articles on topics which I’m an authority in, those topics include:-

  • Wealth generation using the internet
  • Blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Just to name a few.

I will also be using this blog as a platform to review products from the Internet Marketing space. I’m 100% unbiased and if something sucks, I WILL say. It ain’t nothin’ to a playa like me.