How To: Never Run Out of Blog Content Again!

Creating fresh, engaging blog content is hard.

Doing it on a consistent basis is ever harder (like forrealz).

Since I’m doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I thought I’d share a post with you showing how I come up with my blog post ideas and never run out of fresh content!

Also, the best part about this? It’s 100% free! (and who doesn’t like free stuff?)

So, say goodbye to those wack blog post ideas generators and pay close attention:-

Blog Post Ideas

How do I find content for my blog?

It’s actually really, REALLY simple. I’ve used this method for years, it’s just that recently with the explosion of YouTube, it’s gotten even easier (the cats out of the bag!).

Yes, YouTube.

What do videos have to do with your blog and creating content you might ask?

Well, it’s simple really.

Here’s what we’re going to do.

1. Find a knowledgeable person in your chosen niche who’s got personality

The best thing about this method is that it works in any niche and allows you to write content for any niche, regardless of whether you understand or even know anything about the topic.

The key is to find a “guru” within your chosen niche who also has a kick ass personality. This will help you create blog content that stands out.

2. Watch the video

Pretty obvious. Once you’ve found your personality, go through their videos and find one you like. Watch the video. Then, watch it again. Now, you’ll want to watch it a third time, but this time, you’re going to be taking notes. Outline the video and separate it into points.

3. Write your blog post

Now it’s time to turn your notes into words and bang out a blog post. This is why it was important to find someone with a personality as it will make your content stand out and pop. The key here though is to use your own words. We’re not going to straight up copy what they said word for word, add your own twist. This will also allow you to write about something you know nothing about.

And there you have it! This is the exact same way I come up with blog content and ideas on the fly. Like I said above, I’ve used this method for years and I’ve consistently got great results. The best part is that you make yourself seem really smart and knowledgeable!

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