How to come up with a Pimpin’ Website or Business name

Coming up with a website or business name is hard.

It requires creativity (which sounds to me like it involves work, boo!).

For the most part, most names that spring to mind right away will be taken already (unless you’re super creative). And the last thing we want to do is to get into a bidding war with a domain agent trying to buy the domain name we want.

So, I have two solutions for all of you lazy, uncreative peeps out there.

1] Shopify Business name generator [Free] <– Opens in a new tab

This is a dope ass free tool provided by Shopify. It says Business name generator but it applies to websites too.

You simply enter a keyword and hit generate names.

It will respond by spitting out pages on pages of cool names related to the keyword you entered.

Some suck, some don’t. Simply browse through until you find one that takes ya fancy 😉

The best part though isn’t the names it generates. Heck no.

It’s the fact that they already check and make sure they are available to register!

Huge time saver. In the past, before I found this tool, I’ve literally spent half a freakin’ hour typing names into a domain registrar all for it to tell me that they were already taken!

2] Fiverr [Paid, but cheap] <– Opens in new window.

Fiverr is a freakin’ dope website. It allows you to outsource stuff, cheap.

For the task at hand, you’ll want to do a search for “business name”.

This will find relevant gigs of people offering a service in which they will figure out names for you.

Since they are real, human people and not robots like the tool above, the names they come up with will be a lot more creative.

But for that creativity comes a price.

Most gigs will be $5 (as the name suggests) but they do have more premium gigs available.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than $50 but that’s just me.

And there you have it playas! Two ways to generate business or website names, fast and without a degree in creativity! Booyah!

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