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The creator of Take Surveys for Cash, Jason White claims that you can make $3,500 per month taking paid surveys online. On this review, I will dive deeper into those claims and reveal once and for all whether Take Surveys For Cash is a SCAM or not.

takesurveysforcash.com review

Take Surveys For Cash – Scam or Real Deal?

Until the other day, I’d never heard of this website.

Making money from surveys, however, isn’t a new concept to me. In fact, the reason I got to hear about Jason White is from one of my friends. I met up with my friend (my buddies wife) at a local starbucks to talk about my buddies upcoming birthday. Random I know, but it’s relevant to this review.

Anyway, she tells me she’s been making some extra money online taking surveys, so she had more to spend on the celebration than we once thought.

Curious, I asked her for more info. She knew I made money myself online, so she was curious as to why I wanted to know. I simply said I didn’t think it was possible to do and wanted to know if it as real or not. She not only showed me, but proved me wrong in the process!

The Cold Hard Truth

Look, Jason and his website (http://www.takesurveysforcash.com/) make a bunch of claims. That’s marketing and honestly, I could care less because I don’t go into something like this thinking I’m going to be an overnight millionaire.

However, here’s the truth:

You probably won’t make anywhere near $3,500 per month like stated on the website. I mean, my buddies wife sure wasn’t. Is it possible? Sure. But don’t count on it.

The truth is that you can, however, make a nice little side income or even supplementary income using Jason’s method.

Why you shouldn’t listen to other reviews online

I’ll get straight to the point here. Most people aren’t looking to build online businesses. They want side income, supplementary income, or something they can do “as and when” they need that extra cash boost.

If you’ve done any research into Take Surveys for Cash online and read other reviews which call it a “scam” you’ll notice the same pattern. They are all trying to pitch you into their “deal” which just so happens requires you to build an actual business from scratch, that you can profit from 12 months down the line if you’re lucky.

Many of the reviews even point out that you actually can make money, it’s just that it’s “too low” and you can make a lot more using their methods.

What they fail to realize is that for some people, heck, most people, Take Surveys for Cash is the perfect option because they don’t want to build a business, learn SEO and spend thousands on ad traffic!

Is it a SCAM?

In my honest opinion, NO!

Do your research, other reviews state you can make money. My buddies wifes best month so far has been $600. Her “worst” month $80. But money is money and that’s a pretty good return since she’s a full-time mom and does this part-time alongside mommy duties.

I would imagine that if you were to treat this like an actual job and put in a solid 8 hours per day, you could make much, much more, potentially closer to the $3,500 figure quoted on the website.

Like anything, it’s solely down to you and what you put into it.

Either way, if you’re most people, it’s worth checking out for sure. Worse case scenario you make an extra $50 per week but the way I see it, that’s 50 bucks per week more than you started with.

take surveys for cash real

Bottom Line: If you aren’t looking to build a business, don’t want to learn things like SEO, Email marketing, blogging, FaceBook ads, have limited $ to get started but have an extra couple hours per week, Take Surveys for Cash is exactly what you are looking for and you should certainly sign up. If on the other hand, you’ve got 5-10K to inject into an online business, you could probably get a bigger return elsewhere, but as I mentioned above, it’s still dependant on you putting in the time/effort.

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